Of Egil's and Skallagrim's games.
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Page 132 Chapter

Skallagrim took much pleasure in trials of strength and games;
he liked to talk about such. Ball-play was then a common game.
Plenty of strong men there were at that time in the neighbourhood,
but not one of strength to match with Skallagrim.
He was now somewhat stricken in years.
There was a man named Thord, son of Grani, at Granastead,
who was of great promise;
he was then young; very fond he was of Egil, Skallagrim's son.
Egil often engaged in wrestling;
he was headstrong and hot-tempered,
but all had the sense to teach their sons to give way to Egil.
A game of ball was held at White-river-dale in the early winter,
to which was a great gathering of people from all the country-side.