Kettle Blund comes out to Iceland.

This had happened while Thorolf was away,
that one summer a merchant-ship
from Norway came into Borgar-firth.
Merchant-ships used then commonly
to be drawn up into rivers, brook-mouths,
or ditches.
This ship belonged to a man named Kettle,
and by-named Blund;
he was a Norwegian of noble kin and wealthy.
His son, named Geir, who was then of full age,
was with him in the ship.
Kettle meant to make his home in Iceland;
he came late in the summer.
Skallagrim knew all about him,
and offered him lodging for himself
and all his company.
This Kettle took,
and was with Skallagrim for the winter.
That winter Geir, Kettle's son,
asked to wife Thorunn,
Skallagrim's daughter,
and the match was made,
and Geir took her.

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Page 130 Chapter
(Kettle Blund)