Of lord Brynjolf and Bjorn, his son.

There was in Sogn a lord named Bjorn, a rich man;
he dwelt at Aurland.
His son was Brynjolf,
who was sole heir to all his father's wealth.
Brynjolf's sons were Bjorn and Thord.
They were young when what has been just told happened.
Bjorn was a great traveller,
sometimes on free-booting,
sometimes on trading voyages.
He was a right doughty man.
It so chanced that one summer
Bjorn was present at a banquet attended by many.
He saw there a fair maiden who pleased him well.
He asked of what family she was,
and was told that she was sister of lord Thorir Hroaldsson,
and was named Thora, with the by-name Lacehand.
Bjorn made his suit and asked Thora to wife.
But Thorir refused his offer, and with this they parted.
But that same autumn Bjorn took men and went with
a cutter well equipt northwards to the Firths,
and came to Thorir's when he was not at home.
Bjorn took Thora away thence,
and home with him to Aurland.
They two were there for the winter, a
nd Bjorn would fain hold a wedding with her.
Brynjolf his father ill liked what Bjorn had done;
he thought there was dishonour therein,
whereas there had been ere this long friendship
between Thorir and Brynjolf.

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Page 105 Chapter
(Thord Brynjolfsson)