Of Bard and Thorolf.

King Harold had that summer sent word to the men
of power that were in Halogaland, summoning to him
such as had not come to him before.
Brynjolf resolved to go, and with him Bard his son;
and in the autumn they went southwards to Throndheim,
and there met the king. He received them most gladly.
Brynjolf was made a baron of the king's; the king also
gave him large grants beside what he had before.
He gave him withal the right of journey to the Finns,
with the king's business on the fells and the Finn traffic.
Then Brynjolf went away home to his estate,
but Bard remained, and was made one of the king's guard.

Of all his guard the king most prized his skalds;
they occupied the second high seat.
Of these Audun Ill-skald sat innermost,
being the oldest; he had been skald to
Halfdan Swarthy, king Harold's father.
Next to him sat Thorbjorn Raven,
then Aulvir Hnuf,
and next to him was placed Bard;
he was there by-named
Bard the White or Bard the Strong.
He was in honour with everyone there,
but between him and Aulvir Hnuf
was a close friendship.

(Bard the White)
(Aulvir Hnuf)
(Audun Ill-skald)
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